Friday, January 25, 2008


All these years i have been
On an endless quest,
Knocking on the forbidden doors
From east to west;
Wandering along the banks
Of the rivers of belief,
Viding the hallowed depths
With the eyes of truth,
To see beyond the invisible.

In this age of loneliness,
At the onset of second chapter
I pine to return to innocence;
Somewhere cries the silent warrior
Crucified with the cross of changes,
To play like the child in us.

Following the sun,
And guided by the almost full moon
I am this lost voyageur,
Compassed by the smell of desire;

Through out the odyssey of the mind
I rest under the shadows in silence,
As silence must be heard
Between the mind and heart.

Morphing through time,
Sailing through the prism of life,
In the shadow in the light,
With subdued dreams of the dolphin
In an ocean of peregrine.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Since the unnoticed dawn
At the life's shore,
There has been relentless tides;
So many times it has taken me in stride,
In success,in failure,
In desperation galore.

After twenty years
The ocean has left me back;
In tears,in fears
Once where i was tracked;
Just where everyone dawned,
Now i am peregrine;
Just where every dream spawned,
Under the fleeting wings of time
In aspirations tangerine;

Who am i?
What am i here for?
Had not been the world better off,
Showing me the death's door?

I am ashamed to disclose my identity
Like many uncountable pebbles,
I am just another pebble;
Without an identity.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yet Another Day

Yet another day,
It was today;

The unwilling sun
Awoke from its ephemeral slumber;
Shone with tired sunshine,
Lamented,it could no longer
Hide behind the night's ravine.

Awoke the sleepy earth in her cozy nest,
Reluctant and mundane;
To lose in chaotic chirruping
To hate routine's behest.

Across the dizzy greens
The wind blew;
Above the placid sky
The birds flew.

Underneath the rivers flowed,
In its endless flow;
As eternally,
As the fires glow.

Sun came down,
Painting frustrations umpteen;
Climbed the squeamish stars
Hating the deathless routine.

Slept the tired earth,
A decade's sleep;
Soon to get lost in fray;
Is just another day.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Every second seems like an hour,
As i sit idle;

Building hopes to despair,
Like drawing lines in water;
I feel restless.

Pledging to endeavour,
Like pouring ink on blotting paper;
I feel worthless.

The entire day
I sit idle,
Savoring the pipe-dreams;
And hope to rekindle,
The long lost fire within.

I sit idle;
Battling the mental scandal.


The last time i was in a train
My face shrunk seeing the dirt.
Desperate was i to escape the flith,
When came a soul,a saviour;

A soul whom we hate
As they lay their hands to beg,
A soul seeing whom we move aside
As they approach us for the slightest mercy,
A soul at whom we dont even look at
As they cry for a priceless penny.

Such is the soul,
Who stinks,
And on the spit he sits;
He does not mind cleaning the dirtiest hell
He does not mind even if you dont love him;
Its nothing but his little expectations,
That he reaps in his glowing eyes
And thrives in his whispering sighs.

I felt like hugging the little Jesus
I felt like crying seeing his laid out palm
Without a penny;
I gave him five rupees
Such a beggar was I.


From the misty lands of golden moss
And the far away habitat of croaking frogs,
Came rolling in the ocean of sky
The clouds like floating wooden logs.

From the distant island of green ocean
Where the rain-soaked beaches bathe in sunshine,
And the bedraggled forests of raingod's haven
Where butterflies bask in the fragrance of vine;
Rain came sprinkling across the horizon,
Drenching the steel and mortar blocks,
And trickling down damsels' blonde locks.

From far across the mystic miles
Come fading the echoes of incessant rain.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


As the night creeps in,
Sleep escapes the eyes;
Come crawling the void,
As the wretched insomniac cries.

Eyes wide open,
And blood rolling down;
Twist and turn,
As insomniac eyes burn;
Potraits start whispering,
And frustrations lingering,
Around the insomniac
Insanity and delerium,
Rest in his ghostly bivouac.

As stars rise,
Every dream dreamt
Brings nightmare in disguise;
Every breath taken -
Brings him closer to demise;
With sleeplessness in the eyes
The wretched insomniac cries.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Obsessed with guilt
Of heartless filth;
I put,
Worthless efforts to let
The world know,
Why i do not smile
Why i do not glow;
So many words to say,
Yet they get lost in fray;
And when emotional ink
Makes my heart sink,
I go numb,i go dumb;
So ashamed i am,
I get absorbed,i get blotted.

And as i sit down,
With a blank page,
Laid before me to frown
I am ashamed to face
The void in front of me,
Let go the words;
I am ashamed to see
The untold guilt on paper
As they fidget to flee.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Beautiful Nature

Lying under the azure sky,
Under the chaotic vastness
Of seemingly an ocean,
I see the Clouds fly;
They emerge,they disperse
Like hiding the peak of a mountain.

Lying under the dark clouds,
And the storm raging,
Winds driving past the greens;
Across the horizon's margin
Comes the smell of the rain-lashed earth.

Lying under the star-lit sky
With the moon by my side,
Tranquil,serene and silent;
The distant lights i vide
Seem like angels lighting up
The earth in its dream.